1. What is a Voice Over artist?

It’s simply a person reading a script, although how one performs the words makes all the difference.  We make your script come to life.  The most common are for radio and television commercials, narrations for instructional or promotional video’s, audio books, eLearning, telephony or voice mail systems and voice acting for animation and video games.

My niche is eLearning, telephony and instructional or promotional/corporate videos.


2. How do I work with you?

Contact me via email and let me know the details of your project and what vocal style you are thinking about for your script.  Example – do you want it to be warm and friendly, or professional?

3. What are your rates?

My rates are competitive to the standard industry rates. I always strive to be fair with my rates and to do so it is always best to quote per project.  I will want to know the length of the project or review your script and how you will need it delivered, whether one large file or several smaller files. 


4. What turnaround time can I expect?

I always do my best to meet or exceed your deadline, so I will ask you in the beginning what your timeline is so I can let you know if I will have difficulty meeting your requirements.  My standard turnaround time is 48 hours.

5. What file format do you use?

The recording software I use allows me to send you finished files in the specific format you need.  The most common are mp3 or wav, although some telephony systems require more unique formats.


6. How do you handle edits?

If the edit needed is my error such as a word mispronunciation or reading a sentence incorrectly; I will make the correction to your satisfaction at no additional fee.  If the edit is due to a modification or change by the client, depending upon the edit needed, there may be an additional fee.

Note: I do ask that if there are some unique names or words that the client requests pronounced a specific way that we discuss this at the beginning of the project.  This saves us both time.


7. How can I access the finished files?

Most of my clients prefer to use Dropbox or Google drive for file sharing.  Most of the files are too large to send using email.


8. How do I pay you?

I will work with you to receive payment which is convenient for both of us. Most corporate clients prefer to pay by check.  I also accept credit cards, and payment through PayPal.  My invoice is due upon receipt.


9. Are you union or non-union?

I am a non-union voice over artist.


10. Do you work through an agency?

Most of my projects I work directly with the client and no agency is involved.  I do work with an agency on other work and you can contact them through their website: www.tagtalent.com


11. What equipment do you use?

I have my own sound studio covered in acoustical panels.  I use the Kaotica eyeball around my microphone for additional sound acoustics.  My microphone is the Rhode NT2-A professional large capsule condenser studio microphone


12. Do you handle the editing?

Yes, the files you receive are edited, finished files.  I typically perform the editing on the projects unless they are large, then I may utilize an editing engineer to shorten the time frame.